Our Facility


At CrossFit Roadhouse, you will find a world class CrossFit affiliate. From our 4000 sf. facility, to the equipment, trainers experience, in addition to having convenient access to Premier Health and Rehab Solutions; we’re thrilled you’ve considered us for your fitness and health needs!


CrossFit Roadhouse is different from traditional gyms. Our 3,000-square-foot warehouse is airy and open, with plenty of space to run, jump, lift and stretch, the way your body is designed to do. We don’t have machines. We make them. A majority of our programming focuses on free movement. Our movements involve equipment such as kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells, and body weight. An “adult jungle gym” is in the center of is all. Our Rogue pull up rig is where we love to play, (by play we really mean squats, pull ups, and everything in between). CrossFit Roadhouse is a true CrossFit gym.

You will not find any machines, mirrors, or egos at CrossFit Roadhouse. What you will find is a CrossFit training facility outfitted with the latest CrossFit equipment like wooden gymnastic rings, medicine balls, game plyo boxes, Yoke, jerk boxes, barbells, bella barbells, bumper plates, climbing ropes, kettlebells, Concept2 Rowers, jump ropes, GHDs, and much more. We are conveniently located on the corner of Montlimar and Micheal Blvd. 3 minutes from I-65 in the heart of Mobile.

Here’s what sets the CrossFit Roadhouse facility apart:

  • Versatile equipment, including kettlebells, barbells, sleds, rings and ropes
  • Floors made of shock-absorbent, sound-dampening rubber
  • Walls boasting colorful graffiti art by community artists
  • Full bathroom and shower