Tuesday 25th August

1. BARSKI SNATCH a bit different way.  we want to work on the transition from floor to mid thigh: 1st rep from floor, pause 1 sec….then explode., 2nd rep and third rep from hang taken from the high hang….try to make the same position hit and explode like the one from the floor. ,  work up to  ( 70%X1+1+1, 75%X1+1, 80%x1+1)2   that is 2 waves.  remember to: drive thru your feet and legs….strong legs, FINISH AND pull your body down and around bar!!  critical to make all three positions the same……the problem becomes that many can do more from hang than from floor because the floor rep is not the same as the hang reps.  make all 3 the same.  if you have to go down in weight….that is ok….

2. snatch deficit deadlifts….stand on a 2-3″ block: same set up as snatch.  deadlift to launch, to down position, to high hang.  no stopping or pausing.  90%x3, 95%x3, 100%x3  you can use straps.

3. snatch pp+ohs+sotts presses:   you select the weight….it will be light.  i want 1 snatch pp+ 1 ohs +3-5 sotts presses….work on external rotation….elbows forward….the weight will be light.

4. pull ups (strict) 25 total.

5. sit ups 100 or if you have the EVIL WHEEL do 50 of those.