Strength: 5 rounds (1o minutes) – EMOM, complete: -Odd minute: 5x bench press (Work up to a heavy set of 5) -Even minute: 20m seated sled/prowler pull (Tie a rope to a weight/sled/prowler, extend it 20m, sit down and pull it towards you as fast as you can. Choose a weight that you can accomplish this is 40 seconds or less.) Work Capacity: Complete 3 rounds for time of: -21x Calories on rower -11x Thruster (155#/105#) -9x pull up Conditioning (Optional): 6 rounds: -50m sandbag hill sprint (you choose the weight) -Rest as needed

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WEIGHTLIFTING PROGRAM: Just like a meet. warm up and then take 3 reps to get your max for day. rest 2 min between sets. 1. snatch: max for the day 2. clean and jerk: max for the day.

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WEIGHTLIFTING PROGRAM: 1. 2 position snatch: 1st rep from floor, 2nd rep from hang, work up to ( 75%X1+1, 80%X1+1, 83%x1+1)3 that is 3 waves. remember to: drive thru your feet and legs….strong legs, FINISH AND pull your body down and around bar!! 2. snatch deadlifts: same set up as snatch. deadlift to launch, to down position, to high hang. no stopping or pausing. 90%x3, 95%x3, 100%x3 you can use straps. 3. snatch push press: 5, 4, 4, 3, 3. you select the weight. 4. pull ups (strict) 25 total. 5. sit ups 100 or if you have the EVIL

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