Jared Pete Parker

Jared Pete Parker – Level 1 Apprentice

My name is Jared Parker. My wife Amanda and I have 2 kids, Jaycee Grace and Rhylee Faith. I’m a United Methodist Pastor and an Alabama Army National Guard Officer. I grew up in Rose Hill, Alabama. I’m a graduate of Troy University and Asbury Theological Seminary.

I started doing CrossFit a couple of years ago in Millbrook after a friend of mine invited me and I fell in love with it right away. I remember finishing my first workout, soaked in sweat, laying flat on my back, trying to catch my breathe, and thinking how crazy it all was. And when I sat up, some guy crawled over, gave me a fist bump, and the coach walked by, gave me a pat on the back, and told me “good job” and everyone was celebrating what we all just did together. It was awesome.

The CrossFit community really is special and I’ve made a lot of great friends through it. We moved down here to Mobile last year and I joined Crossfit Roadhouse. Becoming part of the CF Roadhouse family has been one of the most life changing and rewarding experiences ever for me.

I’m really excited to be part of the CrossFit Roadhouse Coaching Team and helping others become strong, courageous, healthy members of the CrossFit community.


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