Our Difference

There are a LOT of CrossFit gyms in the world. And while we all share the same core tenants, we’re not all the same. Yes, we all operate using CrossFit methodology, but we differ greatly in terms of programming, coaching, facilities, and overall experience.


On Ramp is the most important first step in getting started with CrossFit because we are teaching movement mechanics for safety and longevity. Most gyms do a few private training sessions, then set you off. Some gyms don’t have On Ramp and immediately jump into CrossFit classes. We’ve tried it all, and narrowed down the best way for you to safely learn CrossFit, maintain longevity, and still get the strength and conditioning results you desire. With us, you must crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run. In 6-12 classes, No one will teach you better than we do. By the end of On Ramp, our newest members are very competent with nearly all movements.


We are full-time coaches who spend time on the floor to continue our education and collaboration. Not only do prospective coaches have to pass CrossFit Headquarter’s seminar and exam, they also have to go through our coaching curriculum and demonstrate they can apply their knowledge and lead a class


We spend hours planning your workouts. Our programming is all done in-house and is based on the most current research and science. We create daily programs for competitive athletes and newcomers alike.They may at times seem random, but we assure you that they are not. We are always looking at the big picture.


You train as a small group, working towards a common goal. Members support and push each other to achieve things you never thought possible. You share in not only each other’s struggles but also each other’s triumphs. This is at the heart of what makes CrossFit tick and what helps our members succeed in meeting their goals.


You will notice we have no gym machines at CF Roadhouse. The body was not meant to align with devices that encourage isolated movements, so we use gear that encourages core to extremity movement, increases midline stabilization and improves your ability to perform increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. We use full body movements. Our gear includes Olympic weightlifting barbells & bumper plates, medicine balls, jump ropes, boxes, kettlebells, climbing ropes, pull up bars and gymnastic rings, among other interesting and unexpected items. Here at CF Roadhouse we carefully equipped to accommodate any athlete or group, of any age, at any level of fitness. But ultimately, the most important thing about gear is what you do with it.

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